Why hire a professional

Dunn and Apell Accounting can provide IRS representation to businesses or individuals in case of an audit or other tax dispute. This means that we serve as the primary point of contact between your business or you and the IRS (representing your business or yourself) during the audit or dispute resolution process.

IRS representation can be valuable for many reasons. Our accountants are familiar with tax laws and regulations and can help ensure that you or your business complies with these laws, and provide guidance on responding to IRS inquiries. In addition, we can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to try to reach a favorable resolution.

Overall, IRS representation can help simplify the audit or dispute resolution process and provide peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling your tax affairs.

Who can be audited?

We provide audit support and IRS representation

Both individuals and businesses can be audited by the IRS or other tax authorities. An individual’s tax return can be selected for an audit for a variety of reasons, such as if there are discrepancies on the return, if the return contains errors, or if the return is flagged by the IRS’s automated system for further review.

Businesses can also be audited for similar reasons, as well as if the business is engaged in certain activities that may be more likely to result in an audit (i.e., the business operates in a high-risk industry or has a history of noncompliance with tax laws).

In both cases, an audit can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it is often advisable to seek the assistance of a tax professional, such as an accountant, to help navigate the audit and represent the individual or business during the process.

How we can help if you are audited

If you or your business is being audited by the IRS or another tax authority, one of our trained accountants can assist in several ways:

  1. Represent the business:
    We can act as the primary point of contact between you and the auditing agency, representing you or your business during the audit process, answering questions, and providing any additional information that may be requested.
  2. Gather, organize, and review documentation:
    We can help you gather and organize the necessary documentation, such as financial records and receipts. We’ll also review the documentation before providing it to the auditing agency to ensure it is complete and accurate.
  3. Negotiate with the auditing agency:
    If necessary, we can negotiate with the auditing agency on your behalf to try to reach a favorable resolution.
  4. Appeal the audit:
    If you disagree with the audit results, we can help you prepare and file an appeal.

Our proactive approach

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff are well-versed in tax laws and regulations. We proactively work with our customers to avoid common mistakes that could put you or your business at risk for an audit or other tax dispute with the IRS. So, whether you’re a year-round customer or just seek our support during the tax season, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have the support of a professional should you need it.

Here are some specific ways we help our clients avoid issues with the IRS:

  1. Reviewing financial records:
    We review an individual’s or business’s financial records to ensure that they are complete and accurate and that all income and expenses are appropriately documented.
  2. Identifying tax deductions:
    We help you identify tax deductions and credits that you or your business may be eligible for, which can help to reduce your tax liability.
  3. Filing timely tax returns:
    Filing tax returns on time can help reduce your audit risk. Dunn and Apell Accounting ensures that your tax returns are filed on time.
  4. Providing guidance on tax laws:
    We provide guidance on tax laws and regulations to help ensure compliance.
  5. Providing advice on tax planning:
    We get to know you and/or your business and can provide advice on tax planning strategies that can help you minimize tax liability now and in the future.

Do you owe back taxes? We can help

We understand that hardships happen. As accountants, we can negotiate an offer in compromise with the IRS on your behalf to help you resolve your debt and become compliant with your tax obligations.

We help you gather the financial information required by the IRS and then prepare and submit the application paperwork.

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