Get the most out of your personal tax return when Dunn and Apell Accounting completes it. We offer years of tax planning, compliance, and preparation experience to help you minimize your tax obligations on personal assets so that you can do more with your money and spend more time doing what you love.

Unlike walk-in tax services, we offer year-round advice and support for all your tax return and planning needs.

Our personal tax return services include:

  • Individual, joint, or joint filing separately federal, state, and multi-state income tax filing
  • Tax filing and compliance for estate and trust income
  • Income tax planning
  • Estimated quarterly tax vouchers and calculations
  • IRA and qualified plan withdrawal strategy and planning
  • Social Security benefits planning and taxation support
  • Expatriate compliance and planning
  • Tax representation and audit support before the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue
  • Real estate, inheritance, investment trading and other transaction planning and facilitation

Commonly asked questions:

Can I still e-file?

Yes! We are an authorized IRS e-file provider and can submit e-file returns for you. In fact, as paid tax preparers, we are required to file your tax return electronically. We only need you to complete an IRS e-file Signature Authorization form, which we provide, and your six-digit Identity Protection pin (if the IRS supplied you with one).

What do I need to provide you for you to complete my personal tax return?

Upon choosing to work with Dunn and Apell Accounting and Tax Preparation, you will be provided with a Tax Organizer to help you gather the tax information needed to prepare your personal income tax return. In the Tax Organizer, you will find a list of the information you need to provide, including:

  • All W-2 forms
  • All 1099 forms
  • Brokerage statements
  • Schedule K-1 (if applicable)
  • Statements and receipts for deductible expenses along with all 1098 forms
  • All 1095 forms
  • All 1099 forms
  • Receipts and statements for mortgage interest and taxes paid
  • Real estate sale or purchase statements
  • A copy of your previous year’s tax return

What is the turn-around time for tax returns?

It depends on the complexity of your personal tax return and how organized and timely you are in providing us with the necessary forms and paperwork. Once we have all of the information from you to complete your return, you can expect to receive submission confirmation from us within two weeks. The closer the April tax submission deadline, the busier our staff becomes, which can impact turn-around times. We recommend getting us all of your necessary paperwork as early as possible to avoid delays. We will do whatever we can to ensure your return is filed on time and as quickly as possible.

What does it cost to have you complete my personal tax return?

The cost to prepare and file your personal tax return can vary depending on the complexity. For example, additional forms and paperwork must be completed if you own a business or rental property. The type of tax return (single, head of household, joint, joint filing separately) can also impact the cost. Please get in touch with us for an appropriate estimate.